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We hope you love our service and will want to tell everyone about us. Well now by promoting our services you can help others to benefit from a discount of 5% off our usual fees while also earning a 3% commission on the value of any refund earned by the end customer (which is more than 10% of our earned fees)!

What we do?

The Leasehold Company are a specialist firm representing residential leaseholders in England and Wales to obtain refunds and/or reductions on the service charges that leaseholders are required to pay to the freeholders or managing agents of their properties.

The Leasehold Company provide a no win no fee service, where by leaseholders can submit details of their charges for a free no obligation review. If we believe that there are grounds for a reduction or a refund of service charges we will take your case directly to the freeholder or managing agent and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get the best deal on your service charges.

What do our end clients get from us!

    A no win no fee service
    No obligation review of their service charges
    Representation from qualified property management professionals
    High chances of success with the average leaseholder earning reductions or refunds of between £50 – £200 for each financial year and many earning £1000’s back from incorrectly or unfairly charged service charges.

How can you help us help leaseholders

Complete the form below and provide us a little bit of information about yourself. We will email you a service promotion pack which will include:

    A promotional code to reduce our success fees by 5% of the total refund/reduction earned
    Tips and ideas for promoting our services to your friends and family, online and in your locality
    Promotional materials including your exclusive promotional code which can be used to promote our services online or in your locality

Any customer using you exclusive promotion code will earn a reduction of our success fees and what’s more you will also earn 3% of the total refund/reduction secured for the end client.

Our Fees

Our usual fees are 33% of any refund or savings earned. With a promotion code provided by one of our promoters, our fees will be dropped back to 28%.


For any customer that using your promotional code you will earn 3% of the total refund/reduction secured for the end client (which is more than 10% of our earned fees)!

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